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This is a common scene while driving in Iceland during the months of summer, lets hope you do not literally run into them! Reports of animals who have escaped their from their fence are quite common, just remember that they tend to run in front of the vehicle instead of running away from it!


On your road trip you will most likely cross few of those bridges which only carry a single line of traffic. Keep your eyes open for the advisory sign & be prepared to slow down in a timely manner in case there is a car crossing from the opposite direction!


During the many sharp turns and steep hills while driving the ring road as an example, you will find that there are a lot of blind spots (blind rises/corners) where you will not see what awaits you on the other side, oncoming traffic, animals or even a broke down vehicle! There is a reason for the low speed limit on those roads, for your own safety and others please obey the rules, and remember that Icelanders drive in the right lane!


If for some reason you need to pull over, due to vehicle problems or even to take a photo, please do not stop the vehicle in the middle of the road! Find a place where you can pull of the road and park the vehicle properly to keep away from other traffic. In case of a breakdown or any situation where the vehicle is on or close to the road and can not be repositioned, remember to always use the hazard lights and the safety triangle! Position the triangle far enough aft of the vehicle for other drivers to realise in time to slow down their vehicles and avoid collision.


Driver & passengers of a vehicle are required by Icelandic law to use seat belts at all times during operation!


As per Icelandic law the vehicle headlights & taillights are required to be on at all times during operation, all around the clock, all year around!

The following telephone numbers & web addresses can come in handy


Icelands emergency telephone number is 112, in Icelandic we call it Neyðarlínan.
In case of an emergency please dial 112 on your phone, describe your situation and ask for help, remember that your location is an important factor in an emergency!


To arrange doctors appointment due to medical or health issues you can dial 1770 or visit


You can diial 1777 on your phone for information on weather and/or road conditions (open/closed) or visit or Please note that weather conditions can change rapidly, be prepared for the worst but hope for the best :)


If you are in a situation where you really need to get a hold of someone or even just to order a pizza you can always dial 1818 and ask for that someones/restaurants phone number and/or registered street address. If you have internet access you can also look it up yourself online at

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